How to Create an Opt-In That Will Convert For Your Email List

One of the questions I constantly see being asked is “how do I create an opt-in for my email list?” This is a great question. One too many times I see opt-in’s on website that don’t make any sense for the business. 

Here is something you have to understand about your opt-in:

1. It has to get people to say “yes!”

2. It has to get the right people to say “yes!”

Creating an opt-in isn’t just about getting subscribers, it is about getting the right subscribers. Why? Because when you get the right subscribers not only will you minimize the number of unsubscribes you have but you will also find that they will convert and buy whatever it is you have to offer.

I want you to take a moment and think about what it is you really want to focus on selling. What is your number one offering or serving you would like to convert through your email list? This doesn’t always have to be the same, as a matter of fact it can change every couple of months. But let’s say right now your focus is to sell product “A” or service “A”, then create an opt-in or freebie around that product or service in order to increase sales. 

I have a formula I share in The Digital Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs that helps my clients create the perfect opt-in for their email list. Here is what it is:

Target audience + Who wants your services/products = Your Email Opt In

Here is a template you can use to break it down:

Subscribe to get your FREE (insert offering) on (insert topic that is relevant to your target audience) for (insert who your target audience is.

Here is what a real life example would look like if you are a strategist for women entrepreneurs:

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