How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for 2017!

Every entrepreneur, blogger, and influencer out there knows that in order to truly succeed you have to have an actionable plan as to how you will grow online. Knowing what you want to accomplish, how you are going to do it will help set you up for online success.

In the same way you need a business plan, you need a digital marketing plan in order to grow online. Here are a few tips on how to create a digital marketing plan for the new year:

1. Know WHAT you want to accomplish.

What is it that you would like to achieve online? The more specific you get, the better. Do you want to increase your followers? Do you want to get more engagement? Would you like to increase your website visits? Figure out what you want to accomplish online and write it down.

2. Know WHY you want to accomplish those things

Put a why behind each goal you want to accomplish. Why do you want to accomplish the things you mentioned above? For example, increase followers in order to funnel them to my site and increase sales. Set goals and then create a clear purpose for each goal.

3. Know HOW you will accomplish it

It’s great to set goals, but the main factor in making it happen is setting actionable steps. How are you going to accomplish your goals? What platforms will you use? When and how will you use them? Clearly identify what you will do in order to accomplish the goals you set.

4. Create a clear strategy

There are so many people who are currently online with no strategy. Having no strategy is like trying to reach a new destination that you have never been to without a roadmap. You have to have a roadmap in order to reach your desired destination. That is what a digital marketing plan is, and that is what a strategy is.

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If you are ready to create a digital marketing plan for 2017, check out our Digital Marketing Plan template here for a guide on how to easily create yours!