An Intro to Google Analytics & Why You Need It For Your Business

Over the past couple of years I have come across various different resources that have become an important asset in my marketing career. One of those assets is Google Analytics. When you don’t know much about Google Analytics, it is easy to get overwhelmed or wonder where to start. Some of you might not even know what Google Analytics is.

If you are more of english person and less of a math person like me, the word “analytics” itself probably freaks you out. Not to worry, I hate math, but I LOVE analytics. When trying to figure out a career I tried to think of whatever had the least to do with math. Funny enough, I spend most of my days staring at numbers, and I love it!

What is Google Analytics?

Let me introduce you to Google Analytics. First, you should know that it is FREE and that anyone can set it up to their website. All you have to do is create your account and then have your web develop set it up to your site. Most web developers know how to do this. If yours doesn’t, feel free to contact us here and we can help you out.

Google Analytics is a service that when connected to your site provides you with insightful information about your audience and website traffic. It basically tracks and reports website traffic.

Why you need Google Analytics

One of the biggest things I teach my readers and clients when it comes to growing their business online is to be strategic about it. With all of the different experts and advice out there it is easy to join the online world and run around like a chicken with your head cut off. The truth is that if you try to do everything you will succeed in nothing. Being successful online is all about being consistent and finding what works for you and your business. Google Analytics plays a huge role in that. It will provide you with valuable information such as:

-Where your traffic is coming from (it shows each social platform, other sites that direct traffic to yours, etc.)

-What country and city your traffic pertains to

-How many page visits you are getting per day

-Bounce rate (people who come to your site and leave right away)

-What pages are the most popular and how many clicks they get

Plus so much more! This information is extremely valuable as you grow your business online. For example, if you are trying to figure out which social media platforms are most worth your time you can see which ones are bringing the most traffic for you through Google Analytics. You can even see your site stats in real-time. Let’s say you just launched a product, sent out an email, and want to see the immediate engagement, you just visit real-time to see the results.

As you can see, for being a free service, Google Analytics is extremely valuable when it come to growing your business online. If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage the information on Google Analytics to grow your business as well as social media and blogging check out The Digital Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs and learn how to use spend an average of 5 hours per month online while seeing real results!