3 Things Every Great Website Has That Generates Leads

Have you ever visited a new website and found yourself scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the landing page only to realize you have no idea what the company does or what the business is about?

I have had that happen one too many times. I find thata lot of times, people focus so much on the aesthetics of the site and the “cool” factors that they forget about some very key things that will actually get their target audience to take action and buy.

Here are three things that every great website needs to have in order to attract their generate leads:

1. A tagline

I am a HUGE believer and advocate of taglines. What is a tagline? It’s a short phrase that states what your mission is as a company. Placing a tagline at the top of your page (under your logo) will give people a clear understanding of what it is that you do as a business as soon as they get to your website. 

To create a tagline, come up with a short phrase that answers the question: Why do you exist?

2.  A process

Think of your website as a story. What story are you telling your customer when they get on your page and scroll through your site? Does it flow? Is it clear? Do you tell them what to do and where to go? Do you provide a path for them to follow? Or is everything jumbled up and confusing. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask a friend (who will be honest) for some feedback or what they think they are supposed to do on your site. And if you aren’t sure who to ask, join our Facebook group and share your site on Friday for Friday feedback and I can help you.

To create a process, write out your story based on the following: who you are (co. name), what you do, why you do it, how you do it, how people can contact you to get it.

3. Clear calls-to-action

There are too many times where websites don’t tell people what they need to do. We can’t assume that people know what to do, we have to direct them. You should have clear calls-to-action in the appropriate places and for the appropriate things.

To create clear calls-to-action, answer the following question: What do you want people to do and where and how do you want them to do it?

The answer to that question will help you determine where to place these.

Creating a great website is crucial to producing sales. Take the time to revisit your website and analyze how it can be improved. I am constantly changing and updating our website to make improvements. And if you need help creating a great website, we have a special offer happening this month only! Check it out below!

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