How to Grow Your Business on Social Media-Without Paying for Ads!

As a digital marketing consultant, I frequently find myself having conversations about Facebook ads with clients. Just last week I got off the phone with a lead who hired an agency to manage their social media but found themselves paying a good chunk of money for Facebook ads --without getting any results. They were unhappy, disgruntled, confuses, and were now seeking a new agency to work with.

I get it. If you are going to pay for Facebook ads, you want to see results, right? Well, what if I told you that you could grow your business on social media without paying for ads? I have helped numerous businesses grow (including my own) without them. so I know that it is possible. As a matter of fact, I now specialize in growing businesses online without ads. I think there is a time and place for ads, but that is another article for another day.

So, how do I do it? How do I grow businesses without paying for ads? Here is the key:


I implement a digital marketing strategy that includes consistent and valuable posting on social platforms, blogging, and email list growth. And I do it all with tools and resources that don't include another chunk of your budget. The benefit of doing things this way is that I engage with your target audience, grow your following, and generate leads. 

Mini Case Study: This year alone, I generated 1,400 leads for a global company in just 4 months! And I would have done it without any Facebook ads. But to be honest, we ran one Facebook ads campaign and out of those 1,400 leads only 4 were from the ad campaign. I generated the other 1,396 leads through engagement and content strategy alone.

There is strategy involved in engaging online to generate leads. It isn't just about hanging out on Facebook and responding to comments. That is a part of it, but it's just a piece of the puzzle that makes up a successful strategy. Here are a couple of tips on how to grow your business through engaging online:

-Start and manage a Facebook Group (notice I said "manage". I see too many people start a FB group and then abandon ship. As the group leader, people are going to expect you to be active.)

-Post regularly on social platforms. This means daily, and preferrably more than once a day. I'd recommend three posts per day. And there is strategy involved in what you post too.

-Share other content. This is part of the strategy in your daily posts. Don't just talk about yourself, share content that is relevant to your industry.

-Start a blog. Blogging is a big undertaking, I get it. But so are all of the other marketing initiatives you do. It's work, but it pays off. And if you don't have time to do it you can hire someone (like me :D) to do it.

-Have a killer email list and strategy. Having an email list and providing quality content is a great way to nurture leads and get them to buy your product.

Social media is a great way to invite people to your party, your Facebook Group and/or email list means people have attended your party, and that is where you make the sale!

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