How to Grow Your Email List (Part 1)

One of the most popular questions I get asked is "How do I grow my email list?" That is a great question. After all, email lists are the number one way to nurture and turn your lead into a customer.

Here are a couple of questions that will help you position yourself well in the eyes of the consumer and capture their email addresses:

1. What will they get in return for signing up for your email list?

One of the best ways to capture email addresses is to create a free offering in exchange for emails. You can offer a free pdf. a discount coupon, etc. Your free offering should be based on what you are ultimately trying to sell to the customer. Don't offer something unrelated, offer something that shows the quality of what you sell.

2. Why should they be on your e-mail list?

Consumers not only want to know what they get for signing-up for your list, but they want to know why they should be on your list. This, amongst a couple of other things I will mention in part 2, will help decrease your number of unsubscribes. What is the value from being on your email list? Are there exclusive discounts? Is there exclusive content?

Give your readers the incentive to sign-up for and be on your email list. A great way to capture emails is to address both of those questions above the sign-up form. When you answer your consumers questions and give them a motive, they will sign-up for your email list. 

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