How to Grow Your Email List (Part 2)

The second most popular question I get asked is "how do I keep my subscribers and decrease my number of unsubscribes?" Just like in part 1 of these articles, there are a couple of questions you can answer to position yourself in a place of value for your followers:

1) What are you providing consistently?

You'll find that some businesses create weekly newlsetters, some send emails once a month, and others send out daily emails. Personally, I am in favor of once a week because you want to stay on your customers mind consistently, without annoying them and giving them a reason to unsubscribe. The key here, however, is consistency. You don't want to send emails once in a blue moon and make your customer think "oh yeah, I forgot I subscribed to this...I think I'll just unsubscribe." Create a content and email strategy based around consistency. People like to know what to expect, and when.

2) What value are you constantly providing?

This is where we really get to keeping subscribers. It's nice to send out a weekly email, but what is the purpose? If you create a strategy based around consistency ONLY and there is no content strategy, then you're giving people a reason to unsubscribe. Your consistency should be based on how often you can offer value. If it's once a month, then do it once a month. Offer a once a month coupon, share knowledge you have that your followers want once a month, whatever it is, make it valuable to your target audience.

The key to keeping your subscribers is consistency + value. Take it from the girl who managed an email list with ZERO unsubscribes for two years. That's right, ZERO. And that was my magic equation.