How to Launch (and Manage) a Successful Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook business page and you feel like you aren’t getting results and are having a hard time growing your customer-base let me tell you about a little something that could help you out with that: Facebook groups.

Now, hear me out before you get discouraged and think you don’t have time to manage a Facebook group. I am going to tell you why you should have a Facebook group and how to do it successfully and in an efficient manner so that it takes no longer than all the time you spend wondering how to grow your Facebook presence.

First, let’s start with the why. Why should you have a Facebook group? Well, as I mentioned above, you are probably realized that growing your Facebook page isn’t easy (unless you want to run a couple of ads, and even then it’s not guaranteed). However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely cross off Facebook as a way to reach your target customer.Here are a few reasons you should have a Facebook group:

  • To Engage With Your Customers

You want to keep your customers coming back, right? Well, the way you do that is by building a relationship with them, and Facebook groups present you with the perfect opportunity to do so. It makes it easier to connect with them on a daily basis, it makes it more personal, and it makes them feel valued. It’s a way to offer exclusive coupons and discounts and let your customers know how much you appreciate them while keeping them informed about your services and products.

  • To Engage with NEW Customers

Everybody wants new customers and wants to grow their business. I know that’s why you are online. A Facebook group presents the opportunity for new leads to become a part of your “online community”, learn about you products, and become customers. Existing customer’s can invite friends to join, you can promote it on your FB page, and grow your customer base.

Now let’s talk about how to launch and manage a successful Facebook group. There is an easy and successful way to do it without it consuming your world but still getting results. Here is how you do it:

  • Create objectives

First, figure out why you are starting a Facebook group. What are your goals? To grow your email list? To have people buy more products? To get new customers? Write down what your goals are with launching this group.

  • Create a strategy

Now that you have clear objectives, create a strategy based around those objectives. This will also save you time when creating your posts every week. You can choose to only post Mon-Fri and then create content based on those objectives. Here is an example of how you would take objectives and turn them into a strategy:

 Objectives: Grow email list, sell services, build engagement


    Monday: Share a quote or tip (build engagement)

    Tuesday: Promote free opt-in for subscriber list (grow email list)

    Wednesday: Introductions to get to know group and have them get to know you (build           engagement)

    Thursday: Promote a service/product and offer discount (sell services)

    Friday: Share a freebie with the group (build engagement and you establish yourself as         an authority in your industry)

Then, you can use your strategy to create some fun titles for each day, such as “Monday Motivation”, “Friday Freebie” and create some designs to go with each day.

Then, you use your scheduler, such as Hootsuite, to schedule out the designs/titles for each day and write in some content for each day at the beginning of the week. Your scheduler will automatically post these in your group and provide a platform for your group to engage!

One of the important things I want to note is that scheduling out your posts is a great idea because it will save you a lot of time, BUT I do want to share that a successful group works when the admin is involved. Schedule out your posts to save time and so you don’t have to pop-in at the same time every day. But show up daily to participate, even if it’s only for a coupe minutes a day. You will be amazed and the engagement that can come through.

And when you launch your group, be sure to add your existing customer’s to it. This will help kick it off and get some engagement going. I would recommend launching it the day you have introductions happen. Everyone is always really excited to jump in and introduce themselves. Plus, it will give you an inside look into who your customers and new followers are.

And now, you are ready to launch and manage a successful Facebook group.