Marketing Strategies Every Website Needs

I remember the day with much clarity. I was still working in a corporate job as a marketer and I had a meeting with the design team. They had just finished designing the new website for the company and they wanted my marketing input on it. These are seriously some of the best designers I have ever worked with and I was excited to see their work. They pulled up the website and began showing me an amazing designs and innovative features. I loved the design! However, from a marketing perspective, it sucked. I know, that’s harsh. But let me be real with you for just a moment. When we got on the website all of these amazing things happened and popped up and they were cool. What didn’t happen was clarity, a message, or a clear path to follow. I had no idea what the company did (if looking at it from an outsiders perspective), what services were being offered, or what exactly it is I should be clicking on. 

That my friends, is one of the reasons why great design AND great marketing strategy are needed when it comes to creating a website that produces results. Some people only focus on great design while others only focus on marketing, and the truth is that your website has to attract others visually as well as clearly with the copywriting. 

Today, we are going to share a few marketing strategies that every website needs:

1. A Slogan

I have said it before and I’m saying it again. Having a tagline is key to communicating a clear message. Come up with a catchy slogan that tells people what you do in a few words. Position it below your logo or at the top of your page. This will give people clarity the moment they get on to your website.

2. A Connection

Find a way to engage your target audience immediately. A way to connect with them. Tell a story, address their pain points. Let them know they are in the right place.

3. Authority

Establish yourself as an authority by listing credentials, testimonials, “as seen in”, etc. Anything and everything you can to give yourself credibility.

4. A path

Think of your overall site as a journey. Have an introduction, a connection, authority, and then letpeople know where to go from there. Be their guide. Make it easy for them to navigate your site with the design and copy.

5. CTA’s

Your site should be full of CTA’s (without being annoying or obnoxious). Tell people what to do, don’t keep them guessing. This includes joining your subscriber list, signing up for a program, buying a product, etc. Give them things to do everywhere they go on your site.

Think of your website as an experience. What is it that you want people to experience when they visit your site? It’s a huge part of your branding. Ask others to look at your site and communicate what they feel, experience, what they are drawn to or if they know what to do. Getting feedback will let you know where your site stands.


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