Why You Should Have a Content Calendar

I have heard it from many entrepreneurs. Growing your business online seems overwhelming and like a daunting chore. I’ll be honest, it does take a lot of work. That’s why businesses hire me to do it for them. But what about those of you who can’t afford to hire someone? Well, I have good news for you! There are ways and resources that can make digital marketing a bit more stress-free for you, and today I want to talk to you about one of those resources.

Content calendars are one of my favorite resources on planet earth. Some of you may have heard of content calendars, others may be wondering what they are or why you need them.

Content calendars are simply an organized way to plan our your content for social media, your blog, and/or your email list. 

Have you ever sat down needing ideas for the blog article you meant to publish ten minutes ago? Or found yourself scrambling for what to send to your email list or what posts to share on social? Well, content calendars help you make sure you never have to do that again —if you use them.

Here are a few ways a content calendar will make your life easier:

1. Efficiency

  Content calendars will help you save time. The purpose of a content calendar is for you to sit down once a week, once a month, or once every two weeks (whatever you prefer) and spend an hour or so planning out your content for a the upcoming period of time. You sit down and think about a strategy that will make sense with your offering and target audience and then create content around that (if you have no idea what I am talking about you might want to check out my FREE course on creating a digital marketing strategy to grow your biz online here). When you plan out your content you will save time by not having to sit down and figure it out every day.

2. Creativity

    We all have those moments where we sit down to write a blog article only to find ourselves experiencing writers block. The trick is to write out content all at once. And to have a strategy that directs you on what to write. If you have a good, solid strategy, and a content calendar then you will be able to tell yourself what to write and when.

3. Organization

    ‘Cause, who doesn’t love organization? Staying organized is going to be a huge component of running a successful business. It’s something you’ll have to learn in every are of your business. Staying organized will make you more productive and ensure you don’t miss deadlines, which will in turn produce results. Stay organized with your digital marketing by using a content calendar.

4. Results

    If you feel like you aren’t getting results with your online marketing efforts my question to you is “do you know why?” Sometimes we find ourselves constantly putting things out there and not getting any response then scratching our head wondering why. Well, if you keep a content calendar (and track your analytics) then you will start to see patterns on what is working and what is not working. You can then tweak your strategy around what IS working and create more of that content to increase your results. Content calendars give you a clear and organized way to view that.

So, now that you know the importance of having a content calendar and are probably wondering where to get one, I have some exciting news to share! I just launched an online shop that has affordable digital marketing resources for entrepreneurs just like you! And guess what? The content calendar I personally use and use for my clients is in there. It’s an interactive pdf. (meaning you can edit it online) and it also gives you the ability to add your logo to brand it to your business. I have several options to choose from:

-A weekly social media content calendar

-A monthly content calendar

And if you want to get real fancy, I even have an analytics tracker in there for you as well. 

You’ll find other items in the shop as well, and I am going to continue adding more resources in the coming weeks to help you grow your business online. Hooray for content calendars and all things that make marketing easy! Enjoy!