How to Launch and Manage a Successful Blog in 2017

Are you thinking about starting a blog or improving your existing one?

Check out today's vlog (or scroll down if you prefer to read the article) to get my 5 tips to managing a successful blog!

Tip 1: Determine Your Main Topics

Content creation will become so much easier when you determine the main themes you are going to write about. Figure out anywhere between 3-6 main categories that your content will cover. When you create these think about your target audience and what you have to offer them.

Tip 2: Create a Schedule

Determine how often you are going to publish content as well as when. Having a set date and time you publish content will not only help keep you accountable, but it will also let your audience know when they can expect new content from you.

Tip 3: Bulk Write Your Content

This is the best way to avoid writers block as well as stressing out when a blog post is due. Figure out what you want to write about (maybe pick a theme for the month or week) and then take care of a month's worth of content in one sitting. This allows time to edit, find images, and prep for publishing. Plus, it will save you time!

Tip 4: Publish Your Content

Don't let fear hold you back, or hesitation, or feeling like your blog could be better. Just publish your content and know that what you have to share is something someone out there needs.

Tip 5: Promote Your Content (More Than  Once)

This is the biggest mistake I see people make. They only promote their blog content once. Share about your blog 3-5x to ensure maximum exposure and increased hits to your site.