You're ready to start leveraging the online space to grow your audience, generate leads and convert traffic You just don't have the bandwdith and don't want to hire the staff to do it. Let our team of creatives manage your social media and consistently generate leads for you.

What We Offer


Social Media Strategy

  • Introductory 1-1 Business assessment call to clarify your business objectives and marketing goals (can be done in person or via video conferencing)

Our team will then conduct and create...

  • Review of marketing plan/collatoral and audit of existing online marketing efforts
  • Industry research on key accounts your target audience engages with
  • Industry research on the best hashtags you should be using to increase engagement
  • Content strategy that will attract your target audience
  • A publishing scheduled for social media deliverables
  • A customized content strategy for each social media platform
  • Identify the social media platforms your business should be on

Social Media Content + Platform Management

6 Month Minimum Commitment


  • A full content calendar for each month
  • Strategy incorporated into your content calendar
  • 2-3 post per day, seven days per week
  • Copy for the design for each post
  • Copy to accompany the post for each day
  • Hashtag integration into each post
  • Customized designs
  • Hand-picked photo stock that fits your brand
  • Scheduling/publishing content done for you
  • Engagement and response on each platform from our team
  • Analytics Report each month tracking platform growth and conversions to site


Social Media Content + Platform Management Pricing

Includes everything listed under strategy, social media content + platform management


Initial set-up & strategy fee: Starting at $950

1 Account: $1,200/mo.

2 Accounts: $1,500/mo.

3 Accounts: $1,800/mo.

4 accounts: $2,000/mo.